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What my previous clients say about working with me...

"Following redundancy, Lucy advised not to panic and to actually stop job hunting, which was a welcome relief .... The program has really made me take a complete reality check on my passions in life and have decided to start a nutrition course and am considering part time work, which is something I would NEVER have considered before!  I've already been recommending Lucy to my friends as think so many people feel they are "stuck" in their current roles, which they don't enjoy, but can't see a way out of it.... Lucy was very calm, non judgemental, patient, encouraging and inspiring...." - AJ

"Working with Lucy has been a game changer for me. I'm running two businesses right now, so life is kinda crazy, and having someone at the end of a Skype call to talk stuff out with, call me out on my own BS, cheer me on & help me map out next steps is absolutely invaluable.  If you're unsure as to whether to work with Lucy or not, I'd say just go for it. Within minutes of your first call you'll realise that it was a super smart idea. If you're ready to actually move forwards & make sh*t happen, Lucy is your girl!" - LH

"Lucy has given me support and coaching in both my personal and business life. She has shown how I can believe in myself and help me with the right skill set and attitude to move forward in my life and career.  Lucy is very honest and tells you how it is. She is very empathetic and can really give you that extra boost that you may need to move on or into your next step, but also gives you the confidence to believe in yourself." - TW

"Lucy is an inspiring and motivating coach. She has the power to demonstrate how you can utilise your own skills to maximum advantage.  I would look forward to my weekly calls, and I knew that I would feel uplifted and motivated, ready for action following our call." - SRJ


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