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Consider this your resource hub - a base station of all the tips, tricks and strategies that I have learned about and used to success in designing, building and running my own businesses.

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Resources I've found useful for productivity, ideas and learning new things


Tap into resources to help you build your business, and keep you motivated and on track.

**Disclaimer - I recommend these because I've used them myself, no other reason.  The results you get from any of these sites or services are your own responsibity.

From learning new things to feeling part of a community to sourcing motivation and support, there are a wealth of resources available for anyone starting their own business.

Podcasts - a great way to learn. Being Boss is great for tools & tactics; The Do Lectures for new ideas.

YouTube - #AskGaryVee is pure entertainment and excellent straight talk; TED Talks are a great resource of information and fresh perspectives.

Facebook Groups - these are a brilliant way to build a support network and share knowledge. Search for keywords relevant to your business, request to join and participate in conversations - always give more than you ask for.  I run a Facebook Group to give feedback and ongoing support, you'd be more than welcome to join - check it out here.

Books - if you only read one, make it 'The War of Art' - an awesome and easy read to help you to keep getting out of your own way.

There's a lot of hard work involved, and there'll be times when it'll get tough and you'll want to jack it in. Just remember why you're doing this, be proud of yourself for getting started (so many don't!) and try to not put yourself under pressure. Your business may well work, and there are also factors out there beyond your control that means it might not. Just do your best, be prepared to work hard, and above all, enjoy yourself! People are more likely to want to engage with your business if they see how much you love what you're doing.

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