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How will people find you? - Marketing 101


Marketing is what you need to do to let your ideal customer know you exist.

You can market locally, especially if you're selling a product, which includes flyers, editorial in the local paper, networking events and word of mouth, and you can market online - blogging, podcasting, publishing videos and live streaming. This is what's known as producing 'content'.

You build trust by sharing your knowledge for free, and you do this through providing useful content - shareable articles, useful tutorials, inspiring quotes. Remember that content placed solely on social media doesn't belong to you, but everything on your own website does.  Publish primarily to your website, then share your own content across other platforms.  Always include a link back to the original article on your own site.

Consistency is key - it takes time to build up a following, and it makes it easier for people to keep track of you if you're showing up at the same time and place, week in week out.

Don't think you need to be across all social media platforms to have an impact.  Choose where you either already have a following, or where you enjoy hanging out, and just focus on doing that one channel really well.

The second most important thing you can do is build up your own mailing list. Have people subscribe when they visit your site - you can set this up for free via Mailchimp. When someone subscribes they're giving you permission to put yourself on their radar, which you should do by sending your weekly blog post, or a regular newsletter. A mailing list is the best way of building a solid base of avid ambassadors and future clients, so make sure you focus on providing really useful content here first. Your list always comes first.

Building a fan base takes time - the average amount of time between first engagement and someone buying from you is about six months.  This is one of the reasons why it's not a good idea to give up your day job straight away - I wrote an article which goes into this in more detail, which you can read here.


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