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How to define your audience - the ones who will love what you do


Now you have a business, you need to work out who your customers will be.

Who is your audience? Who are the people who are going to benefit most from your product or service? Where can you find your ideal client?

A good way of identifying who you're selling to is to define the problem that you're solving - how is your product going to make someone's life better? Think about that pain point that your product or service is going to resolve. Once you've worked this out, it's fairly simple to outline the characteristics of the person who'll need your product most - your dream customer.

Spend ten minutes writing about your ideal customer. Be as specific as your imagination will allow - what's their job? What do they do on weekends? What websites do they visit? You could even give them a name - this sounds silly but is actually really effective.

Having an 'avatar' for your ideal customer is really key when it comes to writing your content - blogs, website copy, even if you do live streaming to promote yourself. Because you've created a persona to 'speak' to, anyone who's reading you or watching you will feel that they're being addressed directly. This helps make your brand personable and approachable.

Being clear about what problem you want to solve is also vital to producing consistent content, and will form the basis of all your communication. If you're always directly addressing a problem and trying to solve it with anything you write or share, this builds a foundation of trust, and ultimately a loyal fan base of people who appreciate you and will maybe one day become your customers.

Your fan base will be your biggest champions and potential referrers. Love them and respect them genuinely, and always communicate with the intention of wanting to help.


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