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How to come up with ideas for a new business you'll love


Wanting to work for yourself is all well and good, but what happens if you don't know what kind of business you want to start? 'I don't know what I should be doing with my life' is one of the things I hear most often from my new clients.

Or maybe you're in the 'I've got so many ideas, I don't know which one I should commit to' camp.  What often lies behind this being unable to choose is fear of making the wrong choice - not wanting to go for it at all, in case it fails.  Whether you're starting from scratch, or you already have an idea, one way to give your business the best chance of you staying committed is to make sure it's rooted in something you feel genuinely passionate about or inspired by.  For a business to work, you've got to want to jump out of bed for it, come rain or shine.

Places to look for inspiration

What's currently on your radar? Who do you follow on social media? Look at the feeds that you're drawn to, and note down the themes you notice show up regularly.  What professions have you always loved the idea of, for whatever reason?

What work have you done in the past that made you feel alive and on top of your game?  What jobs have appealed to you, for whatever reason?  You might have once loved the idea of being a window cleaner simply because being outside all the time was really appealing to you.

What do you find yourself doing for friends all the time? Is there something you enjoy doing just for the fun of it that could be turned into a business?

When you close your eyes and picture yourself involved in work you love, what do you see?

When looking for inspiration for a new work direction, I recommend getting a big piece of paper and spending some time considering all of these questions.  Make notes on everything, then sit back and look for themes and connections.  Which ideas jump out at you, for no apparent reason? These are the ones you want to look for - the themes that inspire you, without knowing why.  If you're inspired, you can get creative, and if your creativity can flourish, you're more likely to stay committed.


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