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Essential systems & practicalities for setting up a new business and staying organised

To make your business work you need to be organised. The two main areas to keep right on top of are time and money.

Good time management reduces stress and gets things done. If you're not enjoying your work because you feel overwhelmed, you'll soon switch off and stop giving it your all. Look to put in place some systems that will save you time. A good system helps you make good use of time, which will free you up to concentrate on the things you love doing most in your business.

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How will people find you? - Marketing 101

Marketing is what you need to do to let your ideal customer know you exist.

You can market locally, especially if you're selling a product, which includes flyers, editorial in the local paper, networking events and word of mouth, and you can market online - blogging, podcasting, publishing videos and live streaming. This is what's known as producing 'content'.

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How to put together an action plan

If you want to reach a particular goal, you need to have a plan of action.  Trying to put an action plan together can often be a really daunting prospect, especially if your goal is something quite big and way off into the future ('Move family to France' for example!!).


This is how to build an action plan from scratch, to take you from feeling overwhelmed at the thought of what's in front of you, to being able to see clearly all the steps you need to take and by when, in order to achieve your mission.

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