What is my 'why' and why is it important?

Have you worked out what your work's for yet?

Do you work to earn money?  Or do you use your work to respond to a cause that you feel moved to help with?  Is it a vehicle, helping you get from over here to over there, or an outlet, enabling you to exchange your creative flow for the means to live and eat?

There's no right or wrong way, the important thing is to know what your way is.  When you know what you're doing it for, when you understand why, this will act as release or relief.  Release because you'll see clearly that what you're doing now doesn't serve your end goal, and you can justifiably change course, or relief that you'll have your current direction validated - your means is helping you achieve the ends you really want.

And it's never just about the money.  The money is always a means to achieve something else.  So if you decide you're doing it just for the money, think again one step further - what do you want the money for?  What life are you planning to create?  And start aiming for over there instead.