Three ways to know if you're living your best life

'Dream big little one'

'Live your life to it's fullest'

'You've only got one life, make it amazing'

The idea of creating your best life is an exciting one, but these concepts alone can feel pretty abstract - what does it mean to 'live your best life'?  There are the clichés of course  - adventure, travel, sunshine and endless palm-fringed beaches.   But these ideals of a perfect life aren't universal - for some they may be unrealistic, for others they may not even appeal.

So how do you create your own benchmarks of a life well lived?

I define a life well lived as one that is on the track you want it to be - you are being your best self, doing work you enjoy and are good at, being proactive in continuously improving where you need to, feeling fulfilled to the greater extent, inspired at times, and generally dealing with the peaks and troughs of normal life in a way that feels like you've got this (as well as having the self-awareness and courage to ask for help when you know you haven't).  That all being said, there are simple ways to make a quick assessment of all of these things; here are three simple ways to be able to measure how close to your best life you're living yours...

1. Your life and work will be consistent with your values and natural talents

Your values are like your personal blueprint.  They define who you are, what you stand for.  They're like a set of your own personal guiding principles, and for life to feel good and happy you need to be living and working in alignment with these, not in conflict with them.  Understanding your values is the most important piece of the picture of what your own best life looks like.

Get to grips with your values - download this free worksheet, taken from my best life design programme, and answer the questions to help you get to know what your own values are.

2. You'll be living and working in a way that brings out the best in you

Do you care about your work?  Do you look forward to going in each day?  Do you feel inspired by what you're accomplishing, or the challenges you're meeting?  Do you feel energised and excited when you think about your work days ahead?  Does your work setting and the rhythm of your day feel right for you?  Work is a huge part of your life, and if you want to live your best one, your work and the environment in which you spend each day needs to inspire you and leave you feeling refreshed and looking forward to tomorrow.

3. You'll be actively progressing your dreams and heart's desires

Your best life is the one where you have no regrets at the end of it.  Define your dreams and start turning them into plans.  And if you're not sure what your dreams are, start by asking yourself the question: 'If money were no object, what would I be doing with my life?'.  I'm sure you've heard the question before, but have you ever taken the time to think about what your answer might be?  It may seem silly to daydream, but our daydreams show us our heart's desires - what we really want going on in our lives to feel content and happy.

Remember, there's no one definition of a best life, no one code to live by, or one set of rules.  Your best life is of your own design, on your own terms, and you can start living it now by knowing who you are, what you want and what makes you shine.

Go with love and carve your own path.