How to use the power of storytelling to grow your business

What story are you living under?  If you listen carefully there's a narrative going on in the background, influencing what you do - or don't do.  It's a story you tell, about why you're here and why you're doing what you're doing right now, or why you're not doing what you really want to be doing.

It's easy to justify inaction.  There are a million reasons why you haven't begun, and nearly all of them will appear to be valid.  But these stories you've been telling yourself are not necessarily your only available choice of perspective.  In fact they've become a millstone, weighing you down, holding you back from moving forward, from living life the way you really want to.

The brilliant thing about stories is that you can tell a new one any time you like.  Instead of all the reasons why you haven't begun yet, how would it be to tell why you absolutely can't put off beginning any longer?

How would it be to tell a story that fits not with the way things have always been, but with the way you want them to be?