How to stop procrastinating

The idea that your thing is out there for you, somewhere, is actually the biggest thing in your way right now.  You’re waiting for your thing to appear, for it to feel like you’ve arrived at the idea that is yours, that you were destined for - this is the work you were born to do.  And all the while you’re doing just that - waiting.

Let me tell you something - there is no right thing.  There are lots of right things.  You have so many incredible talents, many of which you’re not even aware of yet.  You have so much learning and new knowledge available to you, you can try anything you want, and it doesn’t have to cost much, if anything at all.

Forget about the idea of the thing.  Try out anything.  Get into the habit of just having a go.  Get curious about what inspires you, what natural talents you have hidden, explore your interests like you’re on a hunt for the hidden treasure.  Because that’s exactly what it is - a treasure hunt.  And the pot of gold are those golden nuggets of whatever it is that makes you feel alive while you’re doing it.  And it could be many things.

Maybe the waiting is actually an excuse for not beginning at all - you’re letting yourself off the hook by telling yourself that it’s got to be right.  Waiting for the thing is actually the biggest thing letting you down.

Forget about it needing to be right, just think about it being right for now.  You can change your mind, and you likely will.  I promise you, once you start tuning in to what lights you up, you’re giving yourself a gift of freedom.

So if I asked you what you’ve always wanted to have a go at doing, what would you answer?  And there’s your place to begin.