How to empower yourself by choosing new ways to say things

This one isn't mine, but the idea keeps appearing, and I think it's one worth sharing.

Next time you say 'I haven't got time', replace it with 'It's not a priority' and notice the difference.

I heard an amazing podcast by a very inspiring human being who used this when it came to his health and fitness regime - you can listen to it here (it's a long one, but oh so worth it, I PROMISE).

So I'm practising this one.  Not managing every single day, but as often as I remember, and I'm loving how it's helping me realign what I'm up to.

How you feel about your daily habits can be completely different, and helped or hindered by how you perceive them.

There is no doubt that daily habit is what gets things done.  Whether it's progress you need to make in your work, or something about yourself you want to improve - how you sleep or how much you read, or introducing something new that you know will benefit your health, like meditation, or stopping smoking.  The only way to get things done is to chip away every day.

If you see these habits as discipline, then you're giving yourself a metaphorical rod at your back every day, or a whip that needs to be cracked.  It's a feeling of needing to do something or else you're going to be in big trouble., you'll be disciplined.

And if you perceive these daily habits as practising something, working daily on it in some way in an effort to continue to improve until you reach mastery, how refreshing is that way of looking it? Doesn't that release you from the sense of obligation, and invite you into a willing participation?

The daily habits remain the same, whichever banner they sit under for you.  Make your life easier by simply giving them a different label.