How to be of service

What if giving is actually the reason we’re here?  What if sharing what we have, however small, is the natural order of things?  Instead of feeling resentful that ‘those in power’ aren’t doing something more to alleviate suffering, what if we assume there will always be vulnerable people in society, there will always be someone worse off than you, and our very reason for existence is to share what we have with those that need it more.  Sharing as a reflex, not for acknowledgement, or feeling better about oneself or fulfilling a duty ('I'm doing my bit') or for any other reason other than this is just how it works.

We gain, and we give it away.  Repeat.

Imagine it as a constant cycle - as it comes in, so it goes out.

What if this is actually how it’s meant to be?

Give it away, make it a reflex, and trust that you will always have enough.


Photo by Wil Stewart via Unsplash