How to be creative

You might think that you’re not creative.  But the act of sharing your way of how it works, whatever your ‘it’ is, that's art.  Your work is art because it’s you expressing yourself through your everyday practice, even in the most subtle of ways.  Never underestimate the power of the daily task performed with care, love and the most deliberate attention to detail.  The tiniest flourish, your take on things, the minute adjustment that makes it your own, this is what gets noticed, by the person you would never have imagined would even care.

Remember this tomorrow, as you go about your day. Remember that in every moment you have the opportunity to have an impact on someone around you.  It’s not your business to know who, it’s not your business to know how.  Just do your beautiful, brilliant, simple, everyday thing with so much love and care as if you were nurturing the last seedling.  It will be in that moment, where you are lost for a second in the simplicity of it, you will be in perfect harmony with everything, that your light will shine.