Three reasons why you shouldn’t give up your day job - just yet

It can be really frustrating when you come up with an idea for a project: you’re itching to get it off the ground properly; you’re snatching moments of time to work on it in spare hours (for me it was waking at 6am on a Sunday, forfeiting the coveted lie-in!); it’s impossible to feel like you’re achieving much, the flow being constantly interrupted by daily life and your ongoing obligations.  Oh, the magic that could happen if you could concentrate full-time on bringing your idea to life.  And all you see around you is the motivational words of the gurus who want you to STOP DREAMING AND START DOING, that risks need to be taken in order for results to come, LEAP and the net shall appear…

If leaping means actually leaping from your current job and secure pay packet that covers the roof over your head, you might want to consider why it’s important to wait…

You won’t be working from a Why with soul

Working on something new while under pressure will make your vision cloudy and your intentions unclear.  Are you doing this because you believe you have a genuine solution for a real problem?  Or are you just trying to create a solution for a perceived problem because you need to make money?  One is creative, the other is reactive.  Reactive business lacks soul, and no-one wants to buy from someone who’s in it just for the money.

Development of a new business takes time

Once your product is designed, you’ll need to work out how you’re going to sell it.  Designing and developing a strategy to get yourself noticed in an already deafening world of marketing noise is going to take T I M E, even more so if you’re doing it all yourself.  You’ll need to identify platforms, define your voice, design your content that speaks to your audience, and then you’ll need to put it out there, over and over and over.  It might feel like nothing is happening, but you just have to keep going.  You have very little control over how long it’ll take before you get a bite.  It could take months, even years.  If you believe in it, you’ve got to have patience and time to let it happen when it happens.

Why add stress?

With the time it takes to build a new business, the stress already in the mix as you make mistakes (which you will all the way along), and the exhaustion of working another job (which is what you’re doing, you’re just not getting paid for it yet), why pile on the extra stress of money worries, which is what you’ll have if you cut off your only source of reliable income that your current job provides.  Give yourself a break, give your new idea a chance to take root and start to grow, and don’t sabotage all the hard work you’ve put in so far.

Don’t give up the day job just yet.  Have patience.  Your project will happen, your plan will launch.  Don’t kill it by trying to make it work for you before it’s ready to.