Why doing nothing is the key to getting things done

Often it's the space in between that's as important, if not more so, than the occasion itself.  Remember that next time you're giving yourself a hard time for taking a break to have a walk, have a stretch, release your brain from all that thinking.  Rather than letting yourself off the hook, you're actually serving the process more than were you to just stay on it, full pelt, until it's done.  Sometimes the very act of taking your mind off it, whatever it is you're working on or working out, is what releases you from thinking, creates space around the issue (or question, or problem), and it's into that space that the answer flows, effortless, arriving suddenly and completely, as though it was there all along.

Take a walk, go and do the dishes, give your brain a rest for a moment.

It's in the pause that the magic happens.



Photo by Ana Silva via Unsplash