Why you don’t have to be an entrepreneur to run your own business

It may be that the idea of becoming an entrepreneur is the very thing putting you off starting your own business.  There’s a certain image associated with those behind a startup, and if you feel you don’t fit the mould, you might decide the world of running your own show just isn’t for you.

It sort of goes that if you’re an entrepreneur, you’re a hustler.  You have to put in 100+ hours a week if you want a chance at success.  You’ve got to be HUNGRY for it, or you’re not really ‘in the game’ - you’re not serious.  You’ve got to be awake and aware to every opportunity, ready for your next three moves, ahead of it all.  You’ve got to be a player.

But what if you’re not a hustler?  What if you don’t want to work ridiculous hours?  What if you’re not interested in making millions, just enough to pay the bills and have a bit of breathing space?  What if you have a great idea for a nice little business, but you’re not cut from the same cloth that wants to see you at the coalface every morning at dawn, including weekends?  Does that mean you’ll fail?

No way.  Just because you’re not an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you can’t be a business owner.

I’m completely uncomfortable with labelling myself as an entrepreneur.  Yes I’ve started my own business, yes I work ridiculously hard in the hours I work, but I don’t work a full 4o+ hours a week, because I don’t want to.  I started my own business for the very reason that I wanted to make my own choices about how and when I work, so that I had spare time in the day to make jam or roll around on the floor with my kids.  I’m not a hustler, because I haven’t got the time.  I’ve got a life I want to live, as well as a business I want to run.  I don’t want to be immersed in my work at the cost of everything else.

Ok, there might be a few extra hours you’ll need to put in at the beginning as you develop your idea and get it off the ground, especially if you’re doing absolutely everything yourself like I did.  For a system to work well, it’s got to have time invested at the start.  But if you organise yourself, there’s no reason you can’t drive a tidy little machine on a few hours a week.

Don’t be put off by the labels.  If you’ve got an idea that can make money, however modest, this is a business, and you can be a business owner, without ever having to venture into the battleground of entrepreneurship.

Carve your own path.