An exercise to help you find your work 'sweet spot'

What would be your ideal working environment?  Do you know what motivates you?  What would be the ingredients of your ‘best day ever’ at work?  The answers to these questions hold the clues to where to find your work 'sweet spot' - the conditions and environment you need to deliver your best work.

Life's too short to stay in a job that makes you unhappy, but what if you're not sure what will make you happy?  It's easier to know what you don't want than to define what you do.

One way of finding out what you really want is to let yourself daydream.  We often stop ourselves from daydreaming because it feels silly, and what we come up with is usually 'unrealistic'.  But this is missing the point.  Your daydreams can tell you a lot about what your heart really desires and what you really want and need around you to be happy and content.

When we design our work and life around our true desires we can live 'in alignment' with who we really are, and it's this living in alignment that is the secret to a content and happy life.

Try out this worksheet to dream up your ideal work scenario.  Let yourself daydream, and when you come back to review your answers, notice what 'resonates' - which things have you come up with that stand out for you?  And when you take another look at these resonant points, which of them would you consider a non-negotiable - essential to your soul happiness in your work and life?  Are they present now?  How can you adjust things in your current job to create something closer to the conditions you've defined as your work sweet spot?

Too many of us have put the life we really want 'on pause' while we earn money.  We imagine that dreams are something you start working towards once we've got more time or enough cash saved to start going for them.  It's almost too painful to even consider what those dreams might be, because to look at them reminds us of how far away we are from them coming true.

You don't have to put the life you really want on hold.  You can start living your dream right now, by bringing more of who you are and what you want around you to be happy into your every day.