Get to know your gremlins

What's getting in the way of you living the life you really want?  Is it time?  Money?  Circumstance?  It may be that the only thing that's stopping you is your view that something's 'not possible' or 'too difficult.'

Here's the news - these views aren't actually your own.  They're those of your 'Gremlins' - crafty little mischief makers that tend to show up just when you're about to jump into something new and possibly scary.  Your gremlins are your self-limiting beliefs and they're powerful because they tap right into our fear of failure.  They're also incredibly good at stopping you moving forward or taking action, both of which are essential to creating the life you really want.  Your Gremlins want you to stay stagnant - life's safer that way.

Your gremlins will put forward a compelling argument for not taking an action of one kind or another, and they usually win.  They remind you that life is too busy right now, that you need to get more money in the bank before you do anything, that you could be throwing away everything you've worked hard for, that you have no idea what you're doing, or (a particularly nasty one) that you have no right to want to be happy and fulfilled, life is just fine as it is.

Life may well be just fine as it is, but that's for you to decide, not your gremlins.

If you want to change things, and you're committed to moving forward, but you find these crafty little critters keep showing up and inconveniently putting a halt to your dreams, try this three-point strategy to help you shift them.

1. Give them form

Next time one shows up (usually right after you have a brilliant spark of an idea), pause for a second and imagine what your gremlin looks like.  Give him characteristics and colour.  Imagine where he sits on your body (mine usually perches on my shoulder whispering it's poison into my ear).  Listen to what it's saying, and in who's voice (they tend to take on the voice of a family member, which is a particularly nasty tactic designed to cause an emotive response and stop you in your tracks).  Give your gremlin as much visual detail as you can.

2. See it as external to you

Once you know what your gremlin looks like, you can see him as a character, something external to you.  If it's eternal to you. then it's not of you, and it begins to lose its power.  Once your gremlin (your belief) becomes tangible, you can also begin to engage with it.  Another way of saying 'face your demons'?  Maybe.  Gremlins aren't necessarily demons, but they're certainly unhelpful, and by looking yours in its scrunchy little face, you're acknowledging that it's separate from you.

3. Send it on its way

Once you acknowledge that your gremlin isn't part of you, you have a choice whether or not he sticks around - whether or not you want to continue holding on to that belief.  Take a good look at your gremlin, thank him for trying to help and keep you safe, tell him he's no longer needed and send it on its way.  This could be any variation of sitting him outside the door while you make that important phone call or send that email that will put things in motion, to drop-kicking him out of the window and vowing to do the same every time he dares to show his face.

How you deal with you gremlins will depend on how powerful they are.  The important thing is to always recognise when they're present, and even if you do nothing, know they're not you, they're just a belief you've been holding onto, not the truth, and you have the power to put them to one side while you make the progress you want to make.

I'll leave you with this - do you want to live this one precious life being controlled by these sneaky little critters that are holding you back?   Or do you want to live it in a way that fulfils you and brings you peace, joy, adventure, whatever it is your heart seeks to be truly happy?