Knowing your values & why it’s the most important thing you can do

If you’re not into your job, it might be because it doesn’t fit you.  If you feel like something’s missing, but you can’t seem to put your finger on it, chances are your job doesn’t align with your values.

If you’re not sure what your values are, this is a good pace to start: safety of family and loved ones aside, think about the three things that you care most about in the world right now.

These are mine:

1. Slower work for slower living for lower environmental impact

2. Evolving myself / helping others evolve

3. Making a difference through meaningful, purposeful work

These Three Things point to what’s most important to me, what I stand for - these are my values.

I’m totally blessed to have my values reflected completely in my work - I get to help others find meaningful work by evolving themselves and their ideas about earning; as I teach, I learn and grow, and the basis of what I teach is how to redesign work to enable life to be lived with more presence, stillness, slowness.

Are your values reflected in your work?

If the answer’s Yes, then you’re on track, and that ‘meh’ feeling means you may need to make adjustments elsewhere in your life (this would be a good time to revisit my Life Balance Review).

If the answer’s No, then there it is: time to make a change.

These Three Things also point to where to look for other work ideas that will fit you better than your current choice.

I’m on a mission - help me help as many people as possible find out their Three Things:

  1. Search the hashtag #these3things on Twitter and Facebook
  2. Retweet my #these3things
  3. Tweet your own #these3things using the same hashtag

Get creative on Instagram too - use the #these3things hashtag along with photos of where your Three Things are showing up in your work and life.

By sharing your own, you help others see where to look.  Shine the light, let’s help each other get unstuck and find work to love.


Photo by Volkan Olmez via Unsplash