I'm scared...

Whoa....  This is scary stuff.  Today I'm scared.  Fear is gripping me.  Almost paralysing me.  Not quite, but almost.  Staying in the positive is what keeps things moving forward, this I know to be true, but what happens when everything feels like it's about to implode, life feels like it's on a knife edge, and I'm not 100% convinced that I have everything it takes to do this?

There is a quiet voice inside that tells me it's all going to be ok.  A soothing whisper that is keeping me company right now.  It says 'Ssshh little one, just relax for a minute.  Whatever happens, you're going to be fine'...  But I'm still scared.

I want it all to go away.  I want all the uncertainty and doubt and fear to just disappear.  I want everything to be calm and normal and manageable and Happy.  But I don't have anywhere to go to make this feeling disappear.  The only thing I can do is stay with it.  Sit quietly.  Breathe.

Scary is real.

When it all feels like too much, the problems and worries just seem too overwhelming, the solutions so unclear, the next happy place so uncertain, the unknown sitting like a great big ball on your chest, and it feels like you'll never find the strength to shift it.

So don't try to.  Don't try to run away from it, escape from it.  Just stay exactly where you are.  Breathe.  Be scared.

Scary is real.  Being happy all the time isn't.  If you don' know how to be with yourself when you're scared, then fear becomes an even more scary thing, that you will do everything you can do avoid.  And the truth is, you can't avoid it.  Scary stuff is going to happen.  Are you going to run every time things get scary?  Pretty soon there'll be nowhere left to go.

Scary times give us an opportunity to grow.  To become acquainted with the strongest part of you.  It's a chance to flex the Brave muscle, and when a muscle gets used, it gets stronger.

You can do this.

Let Scary happen.  Let it flow in when it shows up.  Let it swirl around you.  Stay where you are, just let it do it's thing.  Know you can deal with whatever comes, even if 'dealing with it' means just staying where you are.

Hunker down.  It will pass.