We have lift off!

Finally it's live....!  After some insanely long days and lots of bouts of stress and anxiety, changing my mind and redesigning for the millionth time, I'm really proud to present my new website, and in fact, my new business.

This is my very own baby, something I have talked about doing for years, so to finally be here live is a bit, well, weird.

I'm starting before I'm ready, as all the great teachers have told me to do.  This bit of the site will look a little naked for a while, so bear with me as time goes on and it should fill up.

The coaching programme is nearly finished, and also about to go live, but the reason why I'm here now, before the doors are officially open, is that I thought you might be able to get something from having an insight into this part of the process.

I've been in the finishing stages for a couple of weeks, and the 'how to begin' part has been taking up a lot of thinking time.  It's actually been quite a distraction, and so I thought that if I just go ahead and open the doors, there'd be no more 'let me just do this one thing before I hit go' moments, which were all just turning into excuses for not launching the damn thing.

Which is why I've asked you to come over a little early.  I'm still laying out the glassware and pouring the bubbles for the first guests.  I'm not sure if I'm completely happy with the decor yet, I might need to make a few last minute tweaks before I'm satisfied, you know how it goes.

So if you happen to get here early, welcome, welcome.  Grab yourself a drink from the fridge, I'll be right over for a catch up, just as soon as I'm done with these fairy lights.  Feel free to write me a little note hello in the comments below.  How's your day been?  What are you working on right now?  Have you got the chance to put yourself out there and start a little early on something of your own?  I want to hear all about it...