Based in the South of France, Lucy is a qualified life-coach, an event producer and an artist-in-the-making.  Carving your own path, multiple income streams and designing work that actually suits you are some of what you'll find covered in here, as well as some tools, motivation and strategies to help you love your work and live your best life.

Why does it take so long to get things off the ground?

I honestly can’t tell you how many times I’ve written this post.  I think I’m on about draft twenty two.  It’s possibly the hardest part of everything I’ve done so far, and that includes building my own website, designing an online coaching programme, and all the other stuff that goes into launching your own business.  That’s all been pretty full-on, but a breeze compared to this bit.  Why am I finding it so hard?

It might have something to do with the fact that this is pretty much the last job on the list.  All the techy stuff is set up, I’ve done enough training (no I do not need to take yet another course, I am READY!), the timing is as right as it’s ever going to be.  There’s nothing left to hide behind.

Once I’ve written this, there really are no more excuses.

The thing I’ve been on about since forever begins.  My Work.  This is where I get to really walk my talk.

It’s so completely scary and yet so completely brilliant all at the same time.

And there’s nothing like a healthy dose of fear to keep you right on edge and just hovering above that button marked Go.

The thing is, my fears are completely outweighed by how excited I am about finally doing this, and by how much I love coaching and writing, and by the fact that I know I’m absolutely on my right track.  Plus all the hard work I’ve put in to get to this point kind of means that not doing it is not really an option.


So all those feelings of needing it to be ‘right’ and ‘perfect’ are being kicked to the curb.  It just is what it is, a letter from me to you, sharing today’s insight in the hope you will find it useful.

So what are you likely to find here?

Well, mostly I write about work – finding work that fits and loving the work you do.

Work is so much more than just a means to feed yourself.  Work is the expression of you through purposeful forward action.  It’s the mechanism you have available to help others, to make progress, to feel fulfilled.  Your work has the capacity to make your life mean something, for it all to make sense.  Work is life, not just something that happens in between it.  You are living your life every day, not just at weekends or on holidays.  How do you want this life to be?

 I’m 100% couldn’t-be-more sure that there’s amazing work out there that will be the perfect fit for you.  And I’m here to help you find out what it is.

 I’m also here to help with the peripheral stuff that keeps us on track.  Finding work you love isn’t about chancing upon a great job that your CV fits, it’s about adopting the right mindset.  You need tools, to equip yourself so you can do your work wholeheartedly, to be able to give yourself to it completely when you need to, and you also need to be able to set clear boundaries, so you make sure all parts of life you enjoy get a look in.  This is where things like values and personal leadership come into play.  That’s the kind of stuff I’m going to be writing about too.

If all of this is right up your street right now, you can subscribe to get these weekly letters straight to your inbox, and when there’s something new happening (like my course launch coming soon!) then you’ll hear about it first.  To say thanks for supporting me, I’ll send you the ‘Here and Now’ worksheet, a DIY coaching session to look at how happy you are with your life right now.  If you’re considering some changes, this is a great starting point, as it’s often just small adjustments here and there that can help you feel differently about everything.

So now I’m at the end of this bit, I’m celebrating big-time tonight because I’ve just climbed a mountain.  I know this is just the beginning, and there’ll be lots of challenges ahead, but the exciting thing is that I’m no longer talking about it, I’m doing it.  I’ve put one foot in front of the other and made it happen – this thing is moving now, and it’s because I made it move, by moving myself.  And even in the most difficult days, what’s got me to here is that I've taken small steps every day – getting things done, chipping away, doing the work.  Today was my breakthrough - woo hoo!

So jump right in with me in the comments below – what one thing could you do today to get yourself from thinking to doing?  What steps have you taken that seemed impossible at the time but then changed everything?  What has helped you get into action?

And if you feel compelled to share this, please go right ahead!

Love flowing your way always

X Lucy

We have lift off!