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about me

About me


Hi, I'm Lucy, and my mission is to help you know what you need to be happy, and cultivate the courage to create a life consistent with that.

I love change and challenge.  I've travelled and worked all over the world and come up against some pretty big obstacles in my time.  I've been living more intentionally since a big car accident fifteen years ago helped me shift my perspective, to appreciate that life is short and precious, and that we can choose how to live it.

My own work reflects exactly what I help people create for themselves - a multi-faceted career that has enabled me to bring the best of myself to different ways of earning money. I've never really been one for the corporate ladder, but when I realised I didn’t have to be in the rat race to make a success of my life, I found the confidence to carve my own path, and design a way of working that suits me and the life I really want to live, which is currently in the South of France.

What I do best is help people create a life and work that's consistent with their values, dreams and what makes them shine, so they can live the life they really want while being who they really are.

- Lucy Vignola | LOVEMYWORKLIFE Self Awareness + Life Design Coach


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